Janine In The News

Official Statement – Art Emissary to France

Agence Consulaire De France

Hartford, Connecticut




May 17, 1997


Dear M. de Sercg:

It is with great enthusiasm that I endorse the selection of JANINE WESSELMAN as the emissary of the state of Connecticut in the forthcoming exclusive 1997 exhibition in Paris entitled “Visions Francophones d’Amerique”.

It is especially pertinent that the delegate reflect the behaviors and mental attitude of those brave and tenacious French pilgrims and explorers to the New World whose daring adventure reflected a philosophical disposition of being a “world citizen”. By forging into the unknown, three decades before the Plymouth settlers on the shores of Massachusetts in 1640, an indelible bond was being created between the French and the newly emerging citizen, soon to be called “American”. New England, the Atlantic Coastal States Florida, and the greater Louisiana territory would be the treasured receptacles for the French presence bequeathed to America.

Therefore, the selection of the most appropriate delegate to France is of the most serious nature. This individual must reflect a first hand knowledge of the delicate intricacies and personal dynamics of a particular francophone culture. In addition, it is quintessential that the designee demonstrates a candid openness in tracing the one-ness we share with others that creates a strong bond and loyalty to our francophone fraternity. mAll of this energy, soul and spirit is encapsuled in the life and artistic works of Janine Wesselmann.

It is without reservation that I propose to you the pleasure of this vibrant artist, whose work will serve as a bridge across the continents.


Very truly yours,

Mlande Froman

Yolande Guertin-Bosman

Consul of France for Connecticut


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