Janine Wesselmann, award-winning impressionist

About the Artist

Janine Wesselmann is known globally for her parodies of European and American life and has been listed in “Who’s Who in the World” and “Who’s Who of American Women” since 1983.

Born in New York, and growing up in the State Department milieu, she began painting at age six and spent her formative years in locales as exotic and diverse as Morocco, Iran, Kenya, France, Ecuador, and Haiti. The color and drama of camel caravans, villages, as well as the cafés and soirées in Paris, were her inspiration. The contrast of moving among different social spheres and political arenas imbues her paintings with a unique insight, empathy, and humor. She completed her formal education in the United States and received her degree from Cornell University. After serving in the Peace Corps, she continued a life of whirlwind travels and painting through France, Spain, Italy, England, Switzerland, and the Caribbean.

Janine was awarded the accolade of “Outstanding Contribution to the Arts” in 1992. She was the first American woman to be accepted into the Collection d’Art, Modern de la Ville de Paris, and the Centro Culturale d’Italia, Rome.

The artist set up a studio in Naples, Florida in 2008. In 2009, the von Liebig Art Center acquired her painting, “Sarasota Circus” for their prestigious permanent collection.


  • Lifetime Achievement Award in the Visual Arts, 2017
  • Outstanding Contribution to the NYC 9/11 Commemoration, 2002
  • Award for Leadership in the Arts, Cambridge, England, 1998
  • Who’s Who in the World, 1996
  • Art Emissary to Rome, 1995
  • 2000 Notable American Women, 1988, 1993
  • Distinguished American for Contribution of Arts, 1986
  • Who’s Who of the American Women, from 1983
  • Columbus Museum of Art
  • Musée d’Art Moderne, Paris, France
  • Kunsthius, Oosten, Holland
  • Columbia University
  • Mattatuck Museum
  • Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Military Museum of Southern CT
  • Directory of Distinguished Americans
  • Art Emissary to France from Connecticut
  • Citicorp Collections
  • Rockefeller Collections
  • Dupont Collections
  • Collection Francophone, New Brunswick, Canada
  • International Paper Collection
  • New York Historical Society
  • Connecticut Public Broadcasting
  • Hubbard Broadcasting, St. Paul, MN
  • Government House, U.S. Virgin Islands
  • Collection Francophile, Paris, France.
  • Naples Art Institute Permanent Collection


Charity Register 2020-2021

Third on Canvas

Janine has been a 10-year contributor to the Third on Canvas Charity event in Naples, Fl. Her Paintings have consistently been awarded the top auction bids at the Port Royal Club.

David Lawrence Centers

Friends of Foster Children Forever

Paws Assistance Dogs

Janine supports numerous charitable events and foundations, including:

Museums & Exhibitions

  • Maison Royale, New Orleans, LA, 2022
  • Studio Tour, Artis Naples, 2019
  • The Englishman Fine ArtNaples, FL, 2018
  • Pissarro Gallery, U.S. Virgin Islands, 2015
  • Rose Gallery Fine Arts, Hudson, NY, 2015
  • De Bruyne Fine Art, Naples, FL, 2011, 2012
  • Institute European des Arts, Paris, France, 2012
  • Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, CT, 2008
  • Gallery 1000, Carmel, CA, 2008, 2010
  • Mona Bismark Foundation, Paris, France, 2006
  • Museum of Modern Art, Belgium, 2006
  • Gallerie Je Reviens, Westport, CT, 2005
  • Paradigm Fine Arts, Taos, NM, 2005
  • Insider Art, New York, 2004
  • Gallery des Epoques, Montreal, Canada, 2003
  • Ariel Fine Arts, New York, 2001, 2002
  • Vogel Gallery, Ridgefield, CT, 2002
  • Paris Gallery, Paris, France, 2002
  • Art Moderne, Paris, France, 2002
  • Visions Francophones, Paris, France, 2000
  • Northridge Gallery, Ridgefield, CT, 1997, 1998, 1999
  • Marin-Price Galleries, Washington DC, 1996
  • Centro Culturale, Rome, Italy, 1995
  • Columbia University, New York, 1994
  • Provence with Julia Child, Westport, CT, 1994
  • Galerie Erlecke, St. Paul, France, 1994
  • Tavern on the Green, New York, 1994
  • Mattatuck Museum, Ct. 1993
  • Retrospective, Stowe, England, 1992
  • Tuttle Fine Art, Woodbury, CT, 1992
  • Pissarro Gallery, U.S. Virgin Islands, 1991
  • Art Populaires, Geneva, Switzerland, 1990
  • Gallery Argentine, Villars, Switzerland, 1989
  • AWC Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland, 1986
  • New York Historical Society, 1978
  • Riise Art Gallery, U.S. Virgin Islands, 1973, 1975, 1977

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